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"If you haven't seen the Southwest with us, you haven't seen the Southwest"

In today’s world, most people are quite concerned about environmental issues.  From the loss of the rich diversity of wildlife species to household recycling, saving our natural environment has become a part of our everyday lives. 

 The travel industry is no exception to this.  In keeping with the demands of informed travelers, we are proud to offer you a package describing the most comprehensive ecotours in the West.  Our tours are an exciting experience, designed to enhance the traveler’s knowledge of the West, its history, geology, archaeology and living anthropology, plus some of the most spectacular scenery to be found anywhere in the world.

What is an ecotour?  Ecotourism, put simply, is tourism as if nature matters.  Concern for the natural environment and minimal impact on areas visited is a primary goal of ecotourism.  Another important aspect is that the ecotourist brings home a better understanding of the environment and cultures they have visited.  In both these areas, Walk Softly Tours excels in providing a tour of the highest quality.  Our guides have studied Western ecology, geology, history, archaeology and cultures extensively.  We employ Native American guides to present cultural history and philosophy from a native perspective.  Our tours strive to minimize impacts on the areas visited, and our staff is involved with local conservation groups to work towards the preservation of the natural beauty that brings so many travelers to the West.

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Our Custom tours.  We specialize in tours of the southwest; scenic tours, Native American tours, archaeology tours and living anthropology tours.  We customize tours for schools, colleges and organized groups who want an experience unavailable anywhere else.  Interested in the Anasazi or the Chaco phenomenon?  Our guides are as up to date on the entire saga as anyone, anywhere and unlike many tour companies, we do not lecture you, we entertain you as we inform you.  Who says history has to be boring?  All our tours are customized and travel all over the western Unites States.  Since we don't offer canned tours, your itinerary is yours alone.  For examples of our tours, see our sample tours.

Our educational tours include such majestic sites and ruins as Canyon de Chelly, the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Aztec, Chaco Canyon, Bandelier, Acoma, Zuni and Santa Fe.  Each is customized to fit your exact criteria whether it be Archaeology, living Anthropology, accredited Archaeology classes, accredited anthropology classes, meeting and trading with the local American Indians or a combination of any and all.

Come explore with us, this wondrous land and learn about its diversity, its incredibly interconnected nature, its immense history and its frightening fragility.

"We take a tour to somewhere in the world every year and this was the best tour we have ever been on".  Marilyn and friends, upon returning from the Hopi / Navajo Tour


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