Day 1: Brussels-Phoenix. Arrive Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.  Airport greeting and transportation to the hotel.   Transportation and porterage included.  Dinner in Taliesin Room at the Arizona Biltmore.  Overnight at Arizona Biltmore.  Hotel porterage included.

Day 2: Phoenix – Sedona Heard Museum.  Brunch at hotel included. 
One of the nation’s premier centers of American Indian art and culture, the Heard Museum provides a beautiful setting to explore the rich traditions, vibrant art and distinctive cultures of the Southwest’s first people.

 Deer Valley Rock Art Centre.  The Deer Valley Rock Art Center is a museum, nature preserve and archaeological site with the largest concentration of Native American rock art in the Phoenix Valley.

 Sedona.   Almost the entire world knows that Sedona, strategically situated at the mouth of spectacular Oak Creek Canyon, is a unique place.  Characterized by massive red-rock formations, as well as the contrasting riparian areas of Oak Creek Canyon, the area surrounding this beloved community is considered at least as beautiful as many national parks. 

Boxed lunches from museum included.  Dinner at Old Sedona Bar and Grill included.  Overnight at Best Western Sedona Inn.  Porterage included.

Day 3: Sedona - Grand Canyon Continental breakfast included. 
Grand Canyon National Park.
  A powerful and inspiring landscape, the Grand Canyon overwhelms our senses through its immense size; 277 river miles (446km) long, up to 18 miles (29km) wide, and a mile (1.6km) deep.  Visit the south rim overlook.  Take the rim shuttle to Yavapai Point, the most scenic point on the South Rim.  Stop at Desert View on the east end of the Grand Canyon for spectacular views of the Hopi mesas and the Painted Desert.  Lunch on their own at Grand Canyon Village. 

Cameron Trading Post.   Established in 1916, the Cameron Indian Trading Post has become a showplace for fine Native American and Southwestern art.  The gallery, with its beautiful and unique Native American Indian decor, houses some of the finest Native American Indian art in the Southwest, both contemporary and antique. The gift shop offers a wide selection of Southwest art, Native American art, and Southwestern decor. 

The hotel is perched atop the Little Colorado River canyon and right beside the historic old suspension bridge which carried traffic across the gorge for many decades until replaced by the modern bridge. 

Dinner at Cameron Trading Post included.  Overnight Cameron Trading Post.  Porterage included.

Day 4: Grand Canyon - Cameron to Page, AZ. 
Breakfast at Cameron Trading Post included. 
Antelope Canyon
is at once one of the most breathtaking and tranquil places on earth.  Gently carved from the Navajo sandstone over the course of countless millenniums, the slot canyons are majestic with narrow passages, just enough space for a small group to walk the sandy floor - and for the occasional shafts of sunlight to shine down from above.  This is the most photographed attraction on our trip.  Lunch at Slacker’s in Page. 

Glen Canyon Dam is the second largest dam on the Colorado River at Page, Arizona.  The dam's main purpose includes generating electrical power, storing water for the arid southwestern United States, and providing water recreational opportunities. The dam generates an average of 451 megawatts, which contributes 6% of the total electricity generated in Arizona and 13% of the electricity generated in Utah. 

Spectacular, scenic and scrumptious sunset dinner cruise on Lake Powell. 
Sunset dinner cruise on Lake Powell.  Overnight Wahweap.  Porterage included.

Day 5: Boat trip to Rainbow Bridge.  Breakfast at Wahweap included. 
This is a 5 hour tour on majestic Lake Powell, with a 7:30 depart. 
As the most photographed geological wonder of the American West, Rainbow bridge is a must see during your Lake Powell visit. The Rainbow Bridge tour allows guests to experience the realm of the Native American spirit and the wide-ranging characteristics of the Glen Canyon. You will also enjoy the wonderful rock formations, beautiful painted walls and observe the historic landmarks designated by the US National Service.

Lunch at Wahweap included.  Dinner at Holiday Inn, Chinle, AZ included.  Overnight Holiday Inn, Chinle, AZ.  Porterage included.

Day 6: Canyon de Chelly, Chinle, Arizona  Buffet breakfast at Holiday Inn included.  
Morning 4 wheel drive tour of Canyon de Chelly.  This tour will take us through Canyon de Chelly, with canyon depths ranging from zero to 1,000 feet in height.  We will visit White House ruin, a magnificent example of the Anasazi cliff dwelling era.  We will visit the Spider Rock overlook, a monolith which stands 1,500 feet high, isolated on the floor of the canyon.  We will also visit the Mummy Cave overlook on our way to Monument Valley. 

Cafeteria style lunch on own at Thunderbird Lodge.  Dinner at The View Lodge, Monument Valley, Utah included.  Overnight at The Wetherill Inn, Kayenta, AZ.  Porterage included.

Day 7: Chinle – Monument Valley  Breakfast at The View Lodge included. 
Morning 3.5 hour tour of Monument Valley.  Experience the wonder of discovery among the buttes, mesas, canyons, and free standing rock formations that fill Monument Valley. The tranquility of the land, culture, and traditions infuse the valley with a uniquely Navajo flavor.  While on tour, we will experience a Navajo lunch cookout, in the heart of the valley. 

Dinner at San Juan River Kitchen, Bluff, UT included.  Overnight at Desert Rose Inn, Bluff, UT. Porterage included.

Day 8: Bluff Utah.  Breakfast at Twin Rocks Café included. 
All day river trip down the San Juan River
.  The San Juan River, as it cuts through the heart of the Colorado Plateau, inspires wonder, beauty and solitude like few places on earth.  Its aesthetic has inspired the West's finest authors and artists.  Its natural, geologic and human histories have endlessly indulged people from all walks of life. And the river's serenity has made return visitors of the most traveled wilderness enthusiasts.  Includes stops at many petroglyph sites, including the Butler Wash panel.  Take out at Mexican Hat.  Lunch included on river trip. 

Dinner at Cottonwood Steak House included.  Overnight at Desert Rose Inn.

Day 9:  Travel to Cortez, Colorado for a tour of the Anasazi ruins of Mesa Verde
Breakfast at Twin Rocks Café included. 

Once a Chacoan outlier, Mesa Verde, Spanish for green table, offers a spectacular look into the lives of the Ancestral Pueblo people who made it their home for over 700 years, from A.D. 600 to A.D. 1300. Today, the park protects over 4,000 known archeological sites, including 600 cliff dwellings. These sites are some of the most notable and best preserved in the United States. 

Lunch on own at Spruce Tree Terrace.  Dinner at Far View Lodge included.  Overnight at Far View Lodge.  Porterage included.

Day 10: Mesa Verde, Durango, Aztec.  Breakfast at Far View Terrace included. 
Morning tour to Far View ruins, one of the Chacoan great houses.  From Far View, the great houses of Pueblo Alto and Tsin Kletsin at Chaco Canyon were visible, making signalling between the great houses possible.   Durango has more restaurants per capita in the downtown area than does San Francisco. 

 Afternoon tour of Aztec Ruins.  Follow ancient passageways to a distant time. Explore West Ruin, a center of ancestral Pueblo society that once housed over 500 masonry rooms. Look up and see original timbers holding up the roof. Search for the fingerprints of ancient workers in the stucco walls. Listen for an echo of ritual drums in the reconstructed “Great Kiva.

Lunch and Shopping on own in Historic Downtown Durango, Colorado.  Dinner at the Farmington Marriott Courtyard, Farmington, New Mexico included.  Overnight Farmington Marriott Courtyard, Farmington, NM.  Porterage included.

Day 11: Chaco Canyon.  Continental breakfast at hotel included. 

Visit Chaco Canyon, the heart of the Chacoan Empire.  Chaco Canyon was a major center of Anasazi ancestral Puebloan culture, a hub for trade, ritual, and administration for the Four Corners area from AD 850 to 1150.  This secluded canyon preserves the magnificent ruins of the ancient monumental buildings, kivas, astronomical alignments and Chaco’s ancient system of roads, irrigation canals and dams.  The sites are part of the sacred homeland of the Puebloan people.  We will tour Chetro Ketl, Pueblo Bonito and Casa Rinconada, plus Pueblo Arroyo if time permits.  Boxed lunches included. 

 Dinner at La Ventana, Grants, New Mexico included.  Overnight at Grants Best Western.  Porterage included.   

Day 12:  Acoma Pueblo, Petroglyph National Monument. 
Full breakfast at hotel included.  Morning guided tour of Acoma Pueblo.  World famous for its pottery, Acoma Pueblo is the oldest continually occupied pueblo in North America.  Built in 1100 AD it has been home to the Acoma people before, during and after the Spanish incursions into the American Southwest and suffered greatly at the hands of the Conquistadors.  They still live there in the old ways, without electricity or running water.
Afternoon tour of the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque.  
Boxed lunches at Acoma included. 

Petroglyph National Monument protects a variety of cultural and natural resources including volcanoes, archeological sites and an estimated 20,000 carved images. Many of the images are recognizable as animals, people, brands and crosses; others are more complex. These images are inseparable from the cultural landscape, the spirits of the people who created and who appreciate them. 

Dinner on their own in Santa Fe Plaza, Santa Fe, NM.  Overnight at La Fonda.  Porterage included.   

Day 13: Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Breakfast at La Fonda included. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico is the oldest capital city in North America and also the oldest European city west of the Mississippi.  Santa Fe is the site of both the oldest public building in America, the Palace of the Governors and the nation's oldest community celebration, the Santa Fe Fiesta, established in 1712 to remember the Spanish re-conquest of New Mexico in the summer of 1692.

The city has been the capital for the Spanish "Kingdom of New Mexico," the Mexican province of Nuevo Mexico, the American territory of New Mexico (which contained what is today Arizona and New Mexico) and since 1912 the state of New Mexico.

We take a morning private walking tour of Loretto Chapel, Palace of the Governors and San Miguel Mission.   The tour includes visiting the museum inside the Palace of the Governors and Loretto Chapel.  Lunch & shopping on their own on the Santa Fe Plaza. 

In the afternoon we take a private tour of the Museum of Indian Art, a fabulous museum displaying the finest of Indian arts both old and new.  The Plaza has many fine restaurants and the best shopping for southwestern and Indian goods available anywhere. 

 Dinner on their own in Santa Fe Plaza.  Overnight at La Fonda.

Day 14: Brussels, Belgium.  Flight from Albuquerque to Brussels.
Continental breakfast from La Fonda on coach to airport included.  Transfer to Albuquerque International Airport, Albuquerque, NM.  Porterage included.

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