NJ College Tour 2010
Native American Southwest Travel Seminar, March 2010

, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico


 Sat. March 27:  Fly from Philadelphia, PA to Phoenix.  Transfer to our private vans and drive to Holbrook, Arizona. Overnight at Holbrook Relax Inn Travelodge.

 Sun. March 28:   Continental breakfast included.  Navajo Nation: Hubble Trading Post, 4x4 tour of Canyon de Chelly, Arizona.  Travel to Ganado and visit the Hubbell National Historical Site, the oldest continuously operating trading post on the Navajo Nation and a great place to see Navajo rugs and jewelry from the various geographical areas of the reservation.  From Ganado, go to Chinle for lunch at the Thunderbird Lodge.  Then a Navajo guided half day 4X4 tour of spectacular Canyon de Chelly National Monument, located on Navajo Tribal Trust Lands and famous for its well preserved Anasazi ruins and ancient rock art.  Aside from its outstanding thirteenth century cliff dwellings and petroglyphs, the Canyon gives us the opportunity to gain insight into the living community of Navajo people who still cultivate the valley floor.  Overnight at Canyon de Chelly Holiday Inn, Chinle, Arizona, in the heart of the Navajo Nation.  Holiday Inn provides a restaurant for dining.  (B)

 Mon. March 29:  Full Breakfast included.  Travel to Page, Arizona.  Navajo guided tour of Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell Dinner Cruise.  One of the most photographic landscapes in the U.S., Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon located in the high sandstone desert of Northern Arizona, near the Glen Canyon Dam.  The photo opportunities here are unsurpassed.  That evening we take a cruise on Lake Powell and have a gourmet dinner on board while marveling at the magnificent scenery of Glen Canyon.  Overnight at the Best Western Lake Powell.  (B,D)

 Tues. March30:  Full breakfast included.  Boxed lunch included.  Navajo Nation: Navajo Guided Monument Valley Tour.   In Monument Valley we will take a tour of the magnificent buttes and canyons, used as a backdrop for many western films and commercial advertisements.  On our way to Cortez we will stop at the Twin Rocks Trading Post, possibly the nicest trading post on the Navajo reservation.  Overnight at Super 8, Cortez, Colorado.  (B, L)

 Wed. March 31:  Continental breakfast included.  Mesa Verde National Park.   Site of the most extensive Anasazi archaeological ruins in the West, Mesa Verde preserves a wide array of prehistoric Native American cliff dwellings built high on mesa tops or defensively tucked into the canyon’s crevices, including Sun Temple and Cliff Palace.   Dwellings range from pre-Chacoan pit houses starting in the AD 500’s to Chacoan villages on the mesa top, to post Chacoan cliff dwellings erected in the AD 1200’s, tracing the growth and development of Mesa Verde life and architecture over seven centuries.  Overnight at Bloomfield Super 8.   (B)

 Thurs. April 1:  Continental breakfast.  Aztec Archaeological Ruins, Chaco Canyon World Heritage Site, New Mexico.  Boxed lunch included.  Aztec is a post Chaco Canyon site and important in the Chacoan time line.  We will make a quick stop at Aztec on our way to Chaco.  Aztec has the best restored great Kiva in the U.S. where we will learn about great Kivas (huge underground ceremonial chambers), and then carry our knowledge to Chaco.  Chaco Canyon was a major center of Anasazi ancestral Puebloan culture, a hub for trade, ritual, and administration for the Four Corners area from AD 850 to 1150.  This secluded canyon preserves the magnificent ruins of the ancient monumental buildings, kivas, astronomical alignments, and Chaco’s ancient system of roads, irrigation canals, and dams.  The sites are part of the sacred homeland of the Puebloan people.  Overnight Best Western, Grants, New Mexico, home of La Ventana restaurant, serving the best steaks in New Mexico (B, L)

Fri. April 2:  Continental breakfast included.  Lunch included.  Living Pueblo Indian Tribes.  Native guided tour of Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico, and the Spanish mission built in 1629.  Known as “Sky City”, Acoma Pueblo was a Chacoan outlier, built in the AD 1100’s atop a high sandstone mesa for defense against raiders.  It is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the U.S.  After our visit to Sky City we will pick up boxed lunches and travel to Zuni Pueblo and tour Old Zuni Mission to see the world famous murals of Zuni ceremonial Kachinas, as well as visit a Zuni Trading Post to appreciate the wide array of beautiful Zuni arts and crafts.  Zuni was the first native settlement visited in 1540 by Spanish explorer Coronado, who thought it was one of the legendary Seven Golden Cities of Cíbola.  The inhabitants of Acoma and Zuni Pueblos are the direct descendants of the ancient Anasazi and were established on the heels of the collapse of the Chacoan Empire.  Overnight at Reed’s Lodge, Springerville, Arizona. . (B, L)

 Sat. April 3:  Scenic drive back to Phoenix, via the White Mountains, Fort Apache and the silver and copper mining towns of Globe and Superior.  Located in the heart of Apache country, Fort Apache preserves the history of both conflict and cooperation between the U.S. government and the various bands of the Western Apache and their leaders Geronimo and Cochise.  We will pass through the magnificent and rugged Salt River Canyon on our way back to Phoenix.  We will stop in the Sonoran Desert along the way and give you an introduction to this most diverse of all the world’s deserts.  Overnight at the Airport Sleep Inn, Phoenix, Arizona.

 Sun. April 4:  Continental breakfast included.  Transfer to Airport included. Flight from Phoenix to Philadelphia.  (B)

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