Cultural Consciousness Tour
8 Days

 Day 1  – The Grand Canyon

Starts at Sedona, Arizona
Travel to the Grand Canyon.  View the canyon from Grand Canyon Village, Grandview Point and Desert View.  Sunset meditation at Desert View.  Dinner at the Cameron Trading Post.
Accommodations at the new Moenkopi Legacy Inn in Tuba City, AZ. 

 Day 2  – Navajo and Hopi Lands and Culture

Hopi Cultural Center on Hopi Reservation.  Visit the Hopi museum and have lunch at the Cultural Center.  There are usually artisans outside in the parking lot, from whom guests can purchase authentic Hopi art works directly from the artist.  Hubble Trading Post National Monument, the oldest continuously operated trading post on the Navajo reservation.  Hubble generally has a terrific collection of authentic Navajo rugs for sale, plus a great selection of new Navajo jewelry and old pawn.

Day 3  – Acoma Sky City - Santa Fe, NM

Early morning tour of Acoma Sky City, the oldest continuously inhabited Pueblo village in North America, dating back to around 1100 AD.  Boxed lunches for trip from Acoma to Santa Fe.  Travel to Santa Fe and spend the afternoon on the Plaza.  There are many historical sites and museums, fine art galleries, shops and restaurants and night life on and near the Plaza.

Day 4  – Bandelier National Monument tour

Morning tour to Bandelier National Monument.  Bandelier has been inhabited off and on for 10,000 years.  Permanent habitation and the construction of dwellings carved out of the soft volcanic tuff started around 1150 AD and ended with the Colorado Plateau abandonment around 1350 AD. 

Day 5  – The “Great Houses” of Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Chaco Canyon was a major center of Anasazi ancestral Puebloan culture, a hub for trade, ritual, and administration for the Four Corners area from AD 850 to 1150.  This secluded canyon preserves the magnificent ruins of the ancient monumental buildings, kivas, astronomical alignments, and Chaco’s ancient system of roads, irrigation canals, and dams.  The sites are part of the sacred homeland of the Puebloan people.  Boxed lunches provided.

Day 6 – Mingle with Monuments of Nature

Travel from Farmington to Four Corners where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah come together at one point.  From there we travel to Monument Valley, the most famous and most photographed stone monuments in North America.  Many John Ford and John Wayne western movies were shot here in the past.  It is still home to many Navajo who live and raise sheep in the valley.                                              

 We will take a 4-wheel drive tour in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, with a Navajo lunch cookout in the valley.

Day 7  – Tour through Antelope Canyon

View the sunrise over Monument Valley, then travel across the Navajo Indian Reservation to Page, AZ, where we will get a Navajo guided tour of Antelope Canyon.  One of the most photographed landscapes in the U.S., Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon located in the high sandstone desert of Northern Arizona, near the Glen Canyon Dam.  Rental tripods are available from the tour operator.  The photo opportunities here are unsurpassed.  From Page we travel through miles of classic scenic Southwest on our way to Zion National Park, with a spectacular drive into Zion Canyon.

Day 8  – Explore Zion National Park

In the morning we will travel into Zion Canyon National Park.  Shuttles are available every seven minutes to take us to the north end of Zion Canyon for some hiking at the bases of the monolithic Navajo Sandstone cliffs which surround the canyon floor.  Cliffs, springs and waterfalls and natural bridges are visible along the trails.

Travel through the Virgin River Gorge on our way to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  Overnight on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip.  The tour ends upon check in at the hotel.  The first night at the hotel is pre-paid.

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