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Walk Softly Tours is proud to be able to provide you with guides whose education and experience will give you one of the most comprehensive tours possible in the American Southwest

Thomas S. Tucker
MBA, Southern Oregon State University, BS Business, Southern Oregon State University.  Mr. Tucker, a fourth generation Arizona native, began conducting tours of the Sonoran Desert in 1992. He has made a life study of the Sonoran Desert and since 1989, has extensively researched the desert bio-systems, geology, ancient history and archaeology. He has conducting field studies in botanical adaptations and produced video conferencing seminars for K-12 and college level courses on deserts, archaeology and geology. In 1995 he co-founded Rattlesnake Roundup, Inc., a desert tour company. In 1996 he co-founded Walk Softly Tours, an ecotour (nature tour) company. He has specialized it the Four Corners region with particular emphasis on the Anasazi, Chaco culture and living anthropology of the Rio Grande pueblos.  Ongoing continuing education through Archaeology Southwest and current archaeological publications.  He presently serves as Vice President and General Manager of Walk Softly Tours.

Anne Swetish
AA Western Michigan University, Spanish, 1965
In Arizona 45 years, Ann Took an active interest in the Sonoran Desert, becoming a tour guide and conducting extensive research on the various ecosystems of the desert and on the historical role of women in the West. She then moved into the areas of ethno-botany and anthropology. She currently studies archeology and living anthropology through Archaeology Southwest and reads current archeological publications.  She is the President and co-founder of Walk Softly Tours and conducts eco and cultural tours of the American Southwest.
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Ken Sweat, Ecologist
PhD, Botany, Arizona State University, 2010
MS, Botany, Arizona State University, 1995
BA,  Biology, Mathematics, Claremont McKenna, 1990

Mr. Sweat is an Arizona native and a field biologist and is faculty at Arizona State University.   Emphasis in his Masters program was on desert ecology.  He has done extensive field work in the areas fire ecology, desert tortoise and spotted owl populations and relocations.  He has also worked as a laboratory technician in the medical research industry. He has conducted desert nature tours for the past 15 years and co-founded Walk Softly Tours in 1996.
  Lance Polingyouma, Archaeologist
BS Anthropology, University of Massachusetts
Graduate studies, Archaeology, Arizona State University
Lance is the director of the Hopi Learning center in Scottsdale, Arizona, the organizer of Lacrosse in high schools in Maricopa County and an archaeological and Indian cultures guide for Walk Softly Tours.

Walk Softly Tours has recruited Native American guides and members of the natural sciences community for assisting in the guiding of tours. This gives Walk Softly the capacity for not only ecotours, but for scientific research tours as well.

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