Types of Kayaks


Kayaks have two basic types. The traditional type has a deck that accommodates one paddler, while the modern style can accommodate two paddlers or even three. They are generally symmetrical, with the widest part halfway between the bow and the stern. The traditional style also features a v-shaped hull, which increases tracking while minimizing turning ease. Most modern kayaks have steep Vee sections at the bow and stern and a shallow Vee amidships.

Kayak sizes are also important. The 6.5′ to 9′ size is best for narrow spaces, whitewater conditions, or adventure paddling. The 10′ to 12′ size is best for leisurely rides or a short day’s paddle. If you are planning to take a long trip, a larger kayak is the best option, with room to carry your gear. Make sure you buy the right size and choose the right type for the conditions you’ll be in. read more