Jet Ski Tours – Miami’s Fun Things to Do

jet ski tours

When looking for fun things to do in Miami, Jet Ski Tours are a great option. If you have never been on one of these watersport adventures before, you can learn more about them here. Jet ski tours in Miami are popular with vacationers and locals alike. If you have never been, you can try one for free with these tips. You’ll be able to enjoy the water without worrying about safety. Just don’t forget your camera!

First off, it’s important to dress properly. You’ll need a drysuit, gloves, a helmet, and neoprene boots. Once you’re all suited up, the tour will begin in Whittier harbor. Your guide will give you a thorough safety briefing, and answer any questions you have. The jet skis are incredibly stable on the water and are perfect for tackling a variety of terrain. read more